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How to setup WinSCP

How to download and set up WinSCP

WinSCP is a very useful file transfer protocol (ftp) client. It is a great tool for editing files on your server. Once you have downloaded WinSCP you can set it up by running it and doing the following:


1) Open your e-mail from FuzzyHosts which contains your server details.

2) Click the button labelled "new" down the side.

3) Put the following details in each field:

Host name - The server IP.

Port number - 22 (should already be set by default).

User name - The user name provided in the e-mail.

Password - The password provided in the e-mail.

Private key file - Leave blank (should already be set by default).

File protocol - SFTP (should already be set by default).

Allow SCP fallback - Tick the check box (should be set by default).

4) Click save, a box prompts up with a check box asking about storing your password, we recommend for convenience you tick the box to store your password. However if your computer is shared then for security reasons it may be more secure to type the password in each time you wish to connect.

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