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How to add a new domain to WHM

Here we will talk you through how to add a new domain to your Web reseller.

First of all, You need to login to WHM, You can do this by going to http://YourDomain.tlk:2086/

Once you are loged in here look over to the left hand side where you should see a load of options, scroll down untill you see "Account Functions" and then look for "Create a new account" and click on that.

You should now fill the next bit in as follows:-

DomainThe domain your wanting to add, for example:

UsernameThe username eg. belt

PasswordThe password for this account

EmailEnter the owners email here eg.

Then, choose a package from the drop down list for the account.

Leaving everything else as it is should work just fine. So now you need to click "Create" and then your all done.


If you come across any errors or are still having trouble adding your domain, please submit a ticket to us explaining the problem and we will do all we can to help.

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