We now have 2000 clients, thanks a lot!

  • 7th September 2015

Today we have reached our 2000th client and we want to thank everyone for trusting in our service.

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Make sure to use 10OFF for a discount!

  • 2nd June 2015
Use promo discount coupon: 10OFF to get 10% OFF on a web hosting packages.

Once you try us, you will love us, we promise.
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Webserver #1 Upgraded

  • 2nd October 2014
Webserver #1 where you host your websites/website is now upgraded.Bash has been upgraded to the latest version. MySQL has been upgraded to the latest version.Apache has been upgraded to the latest version.PHP has been upgraded to the latest version.PHP handler has been changed from suPHP to DSO and APC has been installed for a ...
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MasterUK server is here & xShellz using SSL/HTTPS

  • 30th May 2014

We have a brand new MasterUK server.
It will be used for hosting bouncers and ircds only. co-owned website is now fully supporting SSL/HTTPS browsing and everyhthing you do there is encrypted.

It's provided by xShellz Solutions.
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