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How to setup putty

How to download and set up SSH

SSH is a useful piece of software for managing applications on your server. Once you have downloaded SSH you need to run it and set it up by doing the following:


1) Open your e-mail with your server details.

2) Click the quick connect button and put the following details in each box:

Host name - The server IP.

User name - The user name provided in the e-mail.

Port number - 22 (should already be set by default).

Authentication Method - Profile Settings (should already be set by default).

3) Click connect.

4) Enter your password from the e-mail into the box that pops up.


Once connected another box pops up offering you the chance to create a profile for it, enter a profile name and save it. In future when opening SSH simply click the profiles button and select your profile then you will only have to input your password all the other details will be automatically there for you.

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